The Summer Sacrifice has officially launched!

I’m a Brainball of excitement.  I am not grey and lined, but I am light and bouncy.  Why? Because the Summer Sacrifice is now out in the world!

It is available to buy in both digital and paperback form from Amazon (.com/  It will be available from other retailers in the near future.  Here is a link to the Kindle version (DRM free so it can be read on other ebook readers.)

The Summer Sacrifice also has its very own mini-tour to tease you with. It starts today and will last a week. Many generous bloggers will be posting The Summer Sacrifice tidbits. They shall reveal yet to be seen pictures of Jamie Tuff and her friends, quotes from the book, and the first chapter of the audiobook.

There will also be a Giveaway. Enter for the chance to win a signed copy of The Summer Sacrifice, along with a bookmark illustrated by David Revoy! Keep an eye out on my twitter feed and visit the hosting sites!




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