The Summer Sacrifice’s Teaser Tour

The Summer Sacrifice was released on June the 21st: the day of the Summer Solstice. The teaser tour accompanying the releaseĀ  is now in full flow!

Throughout this week, some fabulous bloggers will be sharing teasing tasters, such as the first chapter of the audiobook, a map of the Island and its chart of ages, and an exclusive introduction to some of the major characters in the book complete with quotes from The Summer Sacrifice and character portraits painted by David Revoy.

I shall be updating this site with the content once release week is over, but until then please visit the sites below!

Bloggers hosting the tour include:

Candace’s Book Blog
CBY Book Club
Deal Sharing Aunt
Random Chalk Talk
Second Run Reviews
Jen’s Round Corner
Ri Reading
Aly’s Miscellany
Vala Kaye
Becoming Books
WS Momma Readers Nook
Forever Young Adult
My Guilty Obsession
My Book Mine
I read it and wept
Maureen’s Books
My Tangled Skeins
Always YA At Heart
Donnie Darko Girl
MAD Hoydenish
Carpe DiemĀ 
Addicted Readers
Tiffy Fit


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