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Welcome to the Island

You have entered the Island’s capital, No Place.  No Place is no place like home, but I hope that you will stay.

Check out The Summer Sacrifice, the first book in the Master Game Series.

Herein lies barreling adventure and an iconic heroine, Jamie Tuff.

Charles Bane Jr.  Poet laureate nominee

An addictive, exciting read…I really enjoyed it. As in ‘couldn’t-go-to-sleep-until-I’d-finished-reading’ kind of enjoyed it.

Bookaholic Holly

This is a wonderful story to read for all children out there who enjoy fantasy fiction and any story with magic in it.

Red Pillows

The full ebook series is available to order from Amazon!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Island”

  1. Are you the Holly Hinton who wrote something in the Evening Standard on 29th May 2014? It was bringing to our attention a wonderful quote from a poem by Maya Angelou. I would like to re-quote it on Facebook. Odette Elliott

    1. Hi Odette,

      Yes, I am that Holly! By all means share the quote on Facebook. Glad you enjoyed the piece. Maya Angelou was a remarkable woman.

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